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You may be wondering who the heck I am?...

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Quite simply I am a Gamer. Sure there are all types of gamers, Hardcore, Casual, Noobs, Pro's, Farming, PvP, PvE, Crafters, the list goes on.

So which one am I ? I have been each of them at least once.

What is gaming to me? Gaming is a competition to become the best you can be. Even when its just you alone. Can you beat your last score? Was I able to do something faster this time.

Sometimes it will involve people or other players in co-op or against each other. The goal is still the same Bettering yourself.

Gaming can be from Video games to board games to even Sports. Doing your best and learning is what its about.

About this Site

Why did this get created? Simply I believe that everyone is a gamer at heart and they want to prove they are good or the best. Unlike in sports where it is mainly Physical, If you are born with the right genes you have a huge advantage. Video gaming on the other hand is more about reflex's, and the use of your mind.

Since there are literally Thousands of games, there is one that you will be really good at. Then there is the learning factor in games that allows a player to become good at games. Sports there really isn't a learning factor, over time in sports you will slowly degrade. In gaming you just change the way you play a little and your back on top.

Why Should We Listen To You?

First off I do not want you to play like me, Instead I want you to discover your own play style, Which will make you a much happier gamer, it let you play better, and most of all you will have more fun. Where other sites try to turn you into a cookie cut player of themselves.

You will find I offer Tips, Tricks, and Strategy to: playing better, to beating parts of games. I want to point out my way is not the only way to do stuff. The difference between me and the other's out there is I try a ton of different ways to do stuff simplifying the process. I think simpler is Better, it means less can go wrong.

Then their is also This...

I’ve been playing games for a very long time. Online games for 8+ years, video games 15+ year, and card and board games for over 20+ years so as you can see I like to play games. I especially like games where you can customize your characters so they can be different from other players. I also enjoy strategy games, they are always fun.

Mmorpgs I have played

Dark Ages of Camelot

World of Warcraft

Ever Quest

Guild wars


DC Universe Online

Runes of Magic

Guild Wars 2

That's just a short list of games I played, The list is actually much longer.

Casual Games Played

Orcs Must Die

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Assassins Creed (first 2 in the series)

Diablo (first 2 of these as well)

Fall Out (played several in this series)

Two Towers

Star Wars (bunch of these)


There are Hundreds more of casual games I have played and beaten. A list of all the games would be a 2 day affair just to read.

Of course this does not include any console games, or board games, or any other games that I can't think of at the moment.

The Goal of the Site

Is simple help players get better and find there play style. While offering the best information I can provide based on experience and research. All while trying to entertain.

I also want the site to be a positive place to come for the information your looking for, while also being the place that can help Parents, and people who don't game understand that gaming is good and offer information that lets everyone make better decisions.

Quick Thanks To

To my wonderful mother who got me started on this web site, Who knew all this game knowledge would come in handy, huh.

To my pain of a sister who keeps me on my toes and makes sure my wits are up and running daily.

To my nagging but well meaning grandmother who keeps me on the straight and narrow, as much as possible.

To Solo Build It for making it so easy. (If you would like to know more about how easy it is, just click the Solo Build It banner below)

Creating a Website with Solo Build It My Way

Well as I like to say,

Play The Game Your Way



SBI, no cheats, tricks or hacks needed to build a successful website.

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