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The Tip of The Month

Rules to being a better player

Hello, I just want to say thank you again and lets begin.

I know what your thinking RULES? OMG not more rules. Well their rules to the game, and then their are rules to becoming the best player you can be.

Rule 5

Playing Fair - What does this mean? I know what your thinking its impossable not to play fair. But in truth it is totaly possable not to play fair in many asspects of the game. One way in some games is to wait for a designated drop to switch to a anyone drop, then grabing it before the player who it was to go to can get to it. Normally this is done when a player has fallen in battle and is waiting on a rez.

How about stealing a victory from another player, A player has had a long fight with another player and they are about to win the fight, when another player jumps in and takes the defeating blow. Now that person gets credit for the defeat of this person not you.

Playing fair is vital to being a better player, even though other players may not. If other gamers are not going to play fair why should I?


1) You will always look better in the eyes of other players. 2) you will gain a favorable reputation in the game you play. 3) playing unfair gets you into more trouble than you think. Example: blacklisted - means other gamers will not help you or group with you for any reason. You have a higher chance of getting banned from the game.

Those are just a few reasons why you should always thing about playing fair.

Why Some Play Unfair

Most think its the fastest and easiest way to get ahead, truth be told you will get ahead at first but you will soon discover the more fun stuff that happens, were you need other players to help do, will be almost impossable for you to get. Do to the bad rep you will have gained.

It's a easy way to get a reputation for being a bad azz player. Yes it is a easy way to get a rep. and yes you will get the rep of being bad azz but not in the good way.

It happened to me, so its only fair. This excuse is full of holes, Just cuz one bad egg did something to you doesnt mean you have the right to do it to others.

Playing Fair Tips

If you are getting most of the good drops, it is always nice to offer drops you cant use on that character to other players that can .

Never cheat, hack, or lie your way to something in the game.

If someone helps you on something, offer to help them

Never take something from someone else, when they are trusting you to do what you said you whould. This usually happens when a player needs a transfer a item from one character to another.

I realize other players will not play fair, but players will notice those that do and you may become one that people will come to respect and trust if you do. Isn't that way better than having players avoid you because you cant be trusted. I think so. A trust worthy player, one that plays fair in my mind is 5x better than a player that has the skills to beat other players but doesn't play in a fair way.

Thank you again =)

Rule 6 coming next month

Your friends from

Hope to see you soon

As Always
Play the Game Your Way


This months feature is on how to Farm Gold Faster. Yep, we all could use a bit more gold cant we in our game? Sure we can, so here a few tips
Farm mobs that are lower level than you, but drop decent stuff. This works really well in games that let mobs of any level drop stuff no matter what level you are. In case's like that look for areas were the mobs are low enuff that you can hunt many at one time.

Tip 2.

If you going to farm create a farming character. What this is, is a character that is created for soloing many mobs or mobs of greater level easily. Aoe spells and high damage attacks are preffered while haveing the defencive abilitys to survive. The risks this character will be taking will be interesting to say the least, deadly at worst. So take your time when creating this character.

Tip 3.

Bring a buddy and Duo Farm. This is my Favorite way to farm. Sometimes I use a pet, depending on the game I will use a NPC. But to get the best bang is to bring a live player. If you decide to go with another gamer make sure you mesh well togeather if you dont you will not do well so practice till you guys do work well togeather.

The Review

This weeks review is on The site Saving Money Makes This site may not have any games or tips to playing games. What it does do is help you prepare for your next game purchase or set up your budget so you will be sure to have the money to pay that subscription to your favorite game. It may even help you figure out how to save for that new computer you been needing. So go check it out and as the site says... Saving Money Makes Cents which Turns into Dollars


I will go out and talk to people about games sometimes through a game or sometimes just a random person off the street, maybe one day i can interview a person involved in creating the games we play.

This months interview is with Keyria. She is a pet lover, and love playing games. She has virtual pets as well as live ones that she takes care of.

Newest Pages that have been put up

Online games your way is always trying to bring more content and so just in case you missed a few pages here they are:

Kid Games - Games that kids can play taht are safe

Free Online Flash Games - Play free flash games here.

Webkinz - Great kids game safe and secure and they may learn something.

Webkinz Tips - Tips to the webkinz site games.

Flash Game Challenges - Try to neat me or other players.

Guild Wars Tips - Tips to guild wars more on way to that page as time permits.

There were more but I dont want to spoil the discovery of those pages, And some pages were updated like the ritualist character page.

Whats Next

Mission pages for the Town missions in Guild Wars, with maps and tips. These will be added to the Guild Wars Tips page. Along with the GW Q&A page.

More Flash game to be added as well as new challenges.

Im almost done reviewing a free online game , as well as checking out some kid friendly online games so be sure to watch for those.

As you can sometimes see I add things or rearrange things on the site, that I think will make it more enjoyable. So if there is something that you beleive needs to get done before something else use the contact us page

Thought For The Month

Never give up, If you need to stop and come back then do that otherwise try agien. Why? Becuase each time you didnt figure out why you were not able to do something is just one more step to getting it right.

So have fun and Play Your Way.

As Always

Play The Game Your Way


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