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The Tip of The Month

Rules to being a better player

Hello, I just want to say thank you again and lets begin.

I know what your thinking RULES? OMG not more rules. Well their rules to the game, and then their are rules to becoming the best player you can be.

rule 3

Listening - This rule is here to allow everyone to know whats going on. If the group leader says wait, then thats what the group needs to do. Many times when a group goes to do something and just one person doesn't listen, the entire group is going to end up paying the price.

Here is a example : Jon the leader of a 8 man group is redoing a mission that he has beat for several of his guildies. Every thing is going smoothly, Jon remembers that up a head that their is a boss mob and when you get close to him about 15 mobs pop out of the ground. So Jon tells the group, when they get close to the spot Jon reminds them again and says to wait while he goes and pops the mobs, and then pulls a couple to their location. At this point I want to point out every thing has gone well. As Jon goes running off Brad follows him right into the mobs, this is were it all went bad, not only did he aggro the mobs but he got to close to the boss that now followed him back to the group. Jon's group was defeated. Now they have to restart the mission from the beginning.

This happens all the time. I am sorry to say but it is true.

Who to listen to!!

The first person you are going to listen to is the group leader, they are leading the group to were you are going. The group leader is normally the top name in the party, Though sometimes the leader can be someone else. Find out for sure who the group leader is then pay attention to what he says.

Main Targeter (MT) - This player you listen to during the fights. They will be targeting the mobs that need to be defeated first. They also will call retreats listening to them will keep the group alive.

The Main Healer - This player has to be listened to, if you don't the group is in big trouble. They are your heal source if they say hold on, then HOLD ON, their is a reason for them wanting you to wait.

They will sometimes call for a retreat, if they do follow suite and retreat. They will also make calls on if a fight can be won if they don't think so don't fight it or at least figure a different tactic.

Thier is one more I call them them the E.Gamer - This player will normally be the group leader and possibly the main targeter or healer. What this player has is a vast knowledge of the game and will give advice as you go about doing what ever the group is doing. The group leader, main healer, and main targeter should all listen to him and weigh his advice.

Listening Tips

If one of the 4 types above is speaking pay attention to them.

Never spam in the chat box when doing a mission, quest , or anything that requires good communication.

Its ok to talk, but you need to listen as well.

Make sure your surrounding's has as few distractions as possible.

If you see something said in all caps its probably very important.

Leading so Players Know When and What to Listen To

Use caps TO GET WHAT YOU WANT ACROSS in games this is shouting so SHOUT so they will listen

Repeat what you said a couple times Repeat what you said a couple times (lol sorry could not resist)

Give plenty of for warning if possible, then when you get closer give the warning again.

Thank you again =)
Rule 4 coming soon
Your friends from
Hope to see you soon
As Always
Play the Game Your Way


This months feature is on your mouse, no not a furry little creature, but your computer mouse.

Just going to go over a few things to make the gaming easier:

Make sure its clean - this will allow for better control.

If using a wireless mouse make sure its charged up and that you have a back up battery pack ready.

If you know you are going to be playing a while use a wired mouse, yes they may be a bit of a hassle but much better than your mouse going dead in the middle of a important or large battle.

Always have a spare mouse (preferably same type your using) on hand just in case yours dies, this way if it breaks down you can quickly plug in the new or back up one to finish what ever you were doing.

The Review

Well this review is Heritic Kingdoms The Inquisition

This is a rgp with a M rating.- Blood, Violence My rating is M as well - Blood, Violence, Some people may find the games plot unsutable.
Its a single player game.

You play as a heroine, that's right a female, who is part of the Inquisitors.

The character has limited customize ability in the looks department. How ever as your character levels you gain special ability's called attunments, you can only use so many of these at a time. As you grow in levels you can use more of these at once.

The story line is actually not to bad, its easy to follow along and you can make choices that will effect and change things as you play. A total of 6 diffrent endings is available.

The graphics of this game are sub par, it is a older game and can be found fairly cheap (that's always good)

Game Plot

You start off as part of a group that is anti religion, you and your master are off to go destroy a sword of the dead god. This sword can actually bring back the god and is a symbol of religion.

The game starts at this point you and your teacher have arrived at were the sword is supposed to be but something is wrong. The sword is missing and so begins your quest.

Unique Features

This game brings in a element of shifting to the dream world, this can be helpful or devastating. while this allows you to by pass monsters in the normal realm, sometimes you run into dream monsters, and some of the normal realm monsters can see you in the dream realm and knock you back into the normal realm.

Well since I like rpgs Im gonna give this game 6 Xp points

Reason for Rating

The story like is well thought out The game is fairly easy to learn, the controls take a few min to get use too.
Game has tips when loading from place to place.
The major Down side is graphics, and controls when fighting. Lots or weapons and armor.

The ratings go from lowest to highest

Defeated - In My opinion this game was Horrible, worse than sliding down a banister of razor blades into salt water.

1xp - 4xp = sub par games

5xp - this is average

6xp - 8xp - better than average in my opinion

9xp - a near perfect game but something is holding it back

Leveled - this game is so close to perfect or is perfect in my opinion


I will go out and talk to people about games sometimes through a game or sometimes just a random person off the street, maybe one day i can interview a person involved in creating the games we play.

This months interview is with Santa Clause. Can you belive it He plays Games too. I'm not suprised but you may be.

Newest Pages that have been put up

Online games your way is always trying to bring more content and so just incase you missed a few pages here they are:

Sitemap - Looking for page? you will find them all here.

Suzan Interview - What a great way to see what other gamers are like.

The Political Game - See what gamers were doing when Obama Was Elected Pres

Online Game Addiction - Wondering if your addicted to online games?this is the page for you.

Game Addiction Help - Your addicted or just dont want to become addicted this page will help guide you.

Resources - This page shows the links that take you to other sites that you may find interest in.

Game'N Your Way Store - This is a store powered by amazon with a focus on gamers.

Gifts for gamers - This page will be useful for giving to a gamer this the page to show mom and dad or your signifficant other in helping get the right gift.

There were more but hey this is a lot just here. I will let you discover the other ones on your own. Have Fun (tip use the site map its fastest way to find the others I didn't mention)

Whats Next

Well we still havent received enough questions to get a full questions and answers page, so that’s still in the works. The build sheets sorry they have been pushed back so I could get a few other projects done first I havent forgot about themThey are almost done I may put up the drafts this month for the basic mog's (massive online game's). The General caster page is almost ready.

Have to apologize I do start on these things but I am well easily distracted and so sometimes I will finish a totally diffrent project but I will get these done over time. I have like way more that I have started but haven't finished.

As you can sometimes see I add things or rearrange things on the site, that i think will make it more enjoyable. So if there is something that you believe needs to get done before something else use the contact us page

Thought For The Month

Time to relax, Especially this time of the season with all the hussle and bussle, the stress of Christmas shopping, and getting the holiday meal togeather. Then there is all the family, and you know uncle Dan is gonna get crazy like he did last year when he broke the lamp.

So for this month before you even hop on the game I want you to do 2 things.

1st do something each day that will make the last week much easier to handle. Like one day getting all the wrapping paper and stuff all together in one spot so when its time to do that its easy to get too.

2nd is take at least 10 min to sit down and relax, If you don't the stress will show in your gaming and that's not good, if u insist using the game to relax do something easy till you are relaxed enough to play the harder stuff.

Christmas is right around the corner, Its a time to be with familiy. To remmber what truly is important. Don't forget the reason for the season is the birth of Christ. God Bless

As Always

Play The Game Your Way


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