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The Tip of The Month

Rules to being a better player

Hello, I just want to say thank you again and lets begin.

I know what your thinking RULES? OMG not more rules. Well their rules to the game, and then their are rules to becoming the best player you can be.

Rule 4

Paying Attention - I know this one seems to be obvious but not everyone gets it. Everyone stops but 1 guy who continues on and grabs a ton of aggro because he wasn't paying attention. Bunch of players attack a mob, even though the healer said they needed power. My personal favorite is when a person is standing in a spot not paying attention and you sneak up on them, or mobs sneak up on them.

These happens all the time. So as you can see paying attention is important especially in a group.

Why it happens

The player was talking to someone else in the game or in real life and missed something.

They got distracted.

Took a afk with out telling anyone.

They are watching TV as they play the game.

Those are just a few common ones the list goes on. When in a group you definitely need to pay attention. If you don't your group may be defeated and it be by your hand.

Pay Attention Tips

Make sure your surrounding's has as few distractions as possible.

If you see something said in all caps its probably very important.

Turn off the TV.

If you are in a very difficult area answer other messages after you get through it.

I'm sure you can come up with more on your own, just remember if your in a group you need to pay attention more.

This rule is more for when you are grouped, but still applys when solo. If your not watching the screen and the surroundings on it mobs or enemy players might jump you from behind. Do not think you want that, you want be the one to teach the lesson on paying attention to those players.

Thank you again =)

Rule 5 coming soon

Your friends from

Hope to see you soon

As Always
Play the Game Your Way


This months feature is on how to level more quickly in 3 easy steps.
Step 1.
Pick up quests that are all in the same direction, you will discover that quests often give a lot of experiance for finishing along with some nifty items.

Step 2.

While doing the mission fight your way there avoiding only the fights that will be to much of a pain to fight. this way you are gaining experiance while doing the quests.

Step 3.

This one is for when you run out of quests and not sure where the next set are. Fight mobs a few level lower than you. The reason for this is you can defeat these mobs faster than you can ones at your level and this allows for faster experiance gain.

The Review

Ok I know this one is going to get you all wondering what ? Has he gone crazy?
This is on the Webkins, this is a plush toy that once you buy it gives you acess to a site for 1yr to play on. The site its self is mainly for kids but it does have some fun games on it and some of them are turnament style so you can play agienst other players. You can not really talk to other players but there are a few set statements tha yopu can send to them. Like hello or great game.
The games are pretty simple to understand and there are many of them. They have games that are like bejewled, and pacman ( there is a neat little twist on this one) to battleship (there version is interesting). There are many games and one really should play them.
Another thing is your pet that you bought in ther store is the pet you have in the game and you take care of it ( if you decide too and you should). Since this is a game for kids I have to say they did a fairly good job at it. The game is a everyone game so you know there is nothing bad on it. I suggest the game for 6+ I do think younger children could have fun playing but the controls to playing may be a bit much for any child under 6.

I also whould like to point out that the plush toy does good part of the money that they get goes to charity. all this can be found by just typing into your web browser.

More on this to come soon. Online Games Your Way is dedicated to kid friendly games as well and when we discover a gem like this we want you to know about it. So look for new pages to come soon on kid friendly games.


I will go out and talk to people about games sometimes through a game or sometimes just a random person off the street, maybe one day i can interview a person involved in creating the games we play.

This months interview is with Ashin. A friend of mine from a game called Dark Ages Of Camelot. He plays a scout in that game. I meet him when he was first starting out. Soon he was one of the top scouts I knew and we whould duo hunt me on my cleric or one of my stealthers him on his scout. the cleric scout duo was a interesting combo but worked. but enogh on me and him lets find out more about him.

Newest Pages that have been put up

Online games your way is always trying to bring more content and so just incase you missed a few pages here they are:
Cheap Games - Tips on buying or getting cheap games that are good
Santa Interview - Santa is a gamer and see what he has to say.
Guild Wars Runner - Running is a way to make money in the Guild Wars game find out they types here.

Guild Wars Character Sheet - been promising a character sheet and here it is for the Guild Wars game, more on the way.

Solo Build - When your alone the tips here may help.

There were more but I dont want to spoil the discovery of those pages.

Whats Next

Well we still havent received enough questions to get a full questions and answers page, so that’s still in the works. Looking ito Kid friendly games and sites, so you will soon see a webkins page, and other kid friendly games as i come across them. Will try to create more character sheets and finish up a few of the pages that need to be finished.

Have to appoligize I do start on these things but I am well easily distracted and so sometimes I will finish a totally diffrent project but I will get these done over time. I have like way more that I have started but havent finished.

As you can sometimes see i add things or rearrange things on the site, that i think will make it more enjoyable. So if there is something that you beleive needs to get done before something else use the contact us page

Thought For The Month

Be happy with the skills you have. I know sometimes gaming can be frustrating. I also know that there is no perfect gamer everyone has diffrent skills, while one player may be able to sit and do teh whole crafting thing for hours others can not. Others are natural PvP players while yet another will rock at PvE. It takes all kinds of players to play. You may not be the PvP type but you can have fun, as long as you dont take it to seriously.

So have fun and Play Your Way.

Have A happy New Year

As Always

Play The Game Your Way


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