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The Tip of The Month

Before we start i just want to say thank you for subscribing. This is the first course of many. I hope you find it informitive and usefull.

I like to answer a few questions before we get started.

1) Why should we listen to you? Thats really up to you, I have been playing video games for at least 15 years. I love games and been playing games for over 20 years. Been doing the Online game thing for a little over 8 years now. The things I have learned I will be using in the tips and I hope you will learn from my mistakes and my achievments and become a better player.

2) What will the tips go over? It will be over all diffrent things but mainly online games. We may discuss board games and other games and how they relate to games played on line. Manners for games. How to act and deal with other players, and more.

Rules to being a better player

Hello, I just want to say thank you agian and lets begin.

I know what your thinking RULES? OMG not more rules. Well thier rules to the game, and then thier are rules to becoming the best player you can be.

Lets start with rule 1.

RELAX - This is one of the most important parts of gaming. Relaxing will allow you to focus on what you want to do without freeking out if things stop going as planed. This also allows you to deal with other players by remmbering that it is just a game.

If you are not relaxed and you going to use the game to relax, You should pick something that is easy to do and fun. DO NOT decide to go after that Uber weapon that is in that super hard dungeon. your not gonna relax that way.

If you are relaxed pick what you want to do and go for it. If however you start STRESSING out STOP playing take a AFK (away from computer) walk around and relax a little, once you are calm go back to it. Better yet if its something you try to do later do that and pick something fun to do.

If you are in the middle of a dungeon I suggest the first one and make sure its a 5 min break any less than that and your stress level will be maxed in minutes.

Ways to relax

Before playing close your eyes and think about how much fun you are about to have.

Have your faveriate drink at hand - I like tea, rasberry tea to be exact.

Take a nap before you play - Hey everry one needs a nap everyonce in a while.

Take 10 deep breaths - this is a classic but it works.

Sing a silly song - try im a little teapot.

Listen to music - i suggest classical, bigband, jazz, or some oldies.

I'm sure you may have something you like to do, try it and see then start to play.

Why you should relax

The main reason you should relax when you play any game no matter if its a board game or online game is, If you are not then it is not as much fun. The player is bound to make more mistakes. and when a plan doesnt go right you will make even bigger mistakes.

Thank you agien =)

Rule 2 coming soon

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Hope to see you soon

As Always

Play the Game Your Way


Featured Character

The character for the month is The Ranger.

Rangers are High utility characters that can do damage, slow down a foe, put conditions on them as well, Hit many foes at once, and never has to go it alone because they can have a pet. The Ranger has decent armor and has good power and it regens very well. They also have range due to they use a bow.

Rangers are some of the most fun characters to play in guild wars. This is one character I say try out do to how much fun they are.

The Review

This weeks review is on The site


I want to point out this site because of what it actually does for players. I'm sure many of you know that Guild Wars has no Auction system, and so you can spend hours trying to make a trade. I personally hate the wait, but when a guild mate of mine told me about this site i fell in love with it.

GW Auctions is a e-bay style auction site but their are no fees, You trade in game gold for in game items. The rules to the site are simple and are easily to understand. The Gamers running the site are friendly and helpful.

I strongly suggest you check out this site.


I will go out and talk to people about games sometimes through a game or sometimes just a random person off the street, maybe one day i can interview a person involved in creating the games we play.

This months interview was with a guild wars player gamer name Hamil. He plays a ranger and has been playing the game mainly solo and is currently working on masters hard mode. He is a writer working currently on his 3rd book to find out more about Hamil and his books which I found very interesting go to The interview page.

Newest Pages that have been put up

Online games your way is always trying to bring more content and so just incase you missed a few pages here they are:

Gamer Music - This page is about how music effects your game play.

Cheap Gamer Computers - They are out there check out this page for more.

Gamer Costumes - Ideas on costumes for gamers, Halloween is coming up so might be a good idea to well be prepared.

Gamer Stuff - stuff gamers are into or need or want or...... you get the idea

Guild Wars Ranger - this is the page to see if you like this profession for guild wars.

Whats Next

Well The plan for this month is a few new pages , Right now the plan is on ergonomic desks for gamers, a questions and answers page. Also working on making character sheet build pages.

Thought For The Month

I know games are important, But remeber their are other people in your life that may want to just hang out with you with out the game. That boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband, or even the kids would love to spend some time with there gamer, and I am sure that you will enjoy that time with them as well. So go have some non game fun the game will be there when you get back.
One last Thing before you go Halloween is coming up, costumes and candy will be on the list of things to do so why not cheak out Gamer Costumes for a great idea.

If you liked the zine Please forward it to a friend and suggest they sign up for the next one.

As Always

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