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The Tip of The Month

Rules to being a better player

Hello, I just want to say thank you again and lets begin.

I know what your thinking RULES? OMG not more rules. Well their rules to the game, and then their are rules to becoming the best player you can be.

Rule 7

Be Nice - I realize not everyone in the game is going to be nice, and those that are wont be nice every once in a while things happen. If every gamer would be nice all games would be a lot more enjoyable.
If someone is nice to you in the game pay it forward, you never know who you might be helping.

Quick little story on this.

I was brand new to a game playing a healer class solo, and I was out trying to level in a bunch of newbie gear. Most of us know what that like for those of you who don't, its not always fun. Anyways I'm fighting a mob and am defeated, lying face first in some dirt. Along comes this healer rez's me (brings me back to life). He was headed to a dungeon out were I was fighting. Then adds me to his group and helps me level in this dungeon for higher level characters, now a few hours later right before he logs he hands me some gold and a decent healers weapon and tells me to buy some armor. OMG, I couldn't thank him enuff for what he did for me.

Now we move forward about 3 months, I now have gotten the xperiance, gold, armor I'm telling you I'm tweeked out (tweeked means I have great stuff) for this character I am headed off to a high level area when I see this low level mage fall to a group of mobs, so I head over rez the guy, offer him a group to the area I was headed to. After a hour of leveling I offer this guy some gold he refuses said he has plenty just needed someone to help him transfer it. I said no problem I would do it. Wouldn't you know it, it was that healer that had helped me out 3 months earlier. He had recognized me but wanted to see what I was going to do.

I tell you this because not only can this happen to you but may happen. People gain a reputation in games and you never know who actually knows you by your reputation. Just cuz you helped another out.

Why Be Nice

Well it can help with your rep.

Those who are not are gonna be bugged the hell out of because you are.

Karama, if your nice to others, others will be nice to you.

Its just a dang good rule.

I realize this may be hard to do for some players, especially when dealing with other gamers at times, but the nicer you are the more you will get to them. Hey they may even change a little because of you, you never know.

I'm sure you have heard you catch more virtual fly's with virtual honey than you do with the virtual slime you just defeated.

Thank you again =)

Rule 8 coming next month

Your friends from

Hope to see you soon

As Always
Play the Game Your Way


This months feature is on Lag. Even tho the mini series on Online games blog is about this very subject. I think its a important gamer issue. For both those who have and do not have lag.

Lets take those who do have lag first. When lag strikes its hard to deal with the frustration and panic that sets in knowing for a moment or two you are absolutely worthless, especially if your in a group. I say to you right now Relax, the panic that happens in the few moments that this happens can and will mess you up.

If your team cannot survive 2-3 sec with out you then they need some help. However If you lag to often or for longer periods of time you may want to think about going it solo till you can fix that problem. unless you got a great guild that doesn't care about winning and cares more about having fun.

To those lucky gamers who have no lag. I implore you to remember that it is just a game and lag spikes will happen. If you can not wait for a few moments before just giving up on another becuase of a lag spike, GO IT ALONE. See how well you will do with out the help. I don't wish to sound rude but lag spikes will happen not everyone can have a perfect gaming machine or the perfect connection.

Also remember those of us who play well with lag, if we ever get a better machine a actual gaming machine think how much better you will play then.

The Review

This week is the blog Get Fit With Tina and Bryun This blog is extremely good lots of great information and I have actually meet these 2 people and they are great motivators.

They both know what it is like to be overweight. Don't let there great new body's fool you its just a great testament to to how much hard work they have done to get in shape.

If you think getting in shape means no more easting things you like you be wrong if you follow Tina's 85% rule you will see results heck Bryun eats Ice cream from time to time and he is in good shape.

So go check it out.


I'm waiting on confirmation to put up this interview as soon as I have it it will be up and with a player I call X

Newest Pages that have been put up

Online games your way is always trying to bring more content and so just in case you missed a few pages here they are:

Guild Wars Tips - Just go to this page lot of missions for Night Fall have been but up last month

Club Penguin - A virtual world for kids.

There were more but I don't want to spoil the discovery of those pages, And some pages were updated.

Whats Next

More Mission pages.

Free online games that i find and can play will soon be showing up Hope to showcase a new one once every couple months.

More Guild wars Tips.

And more

Have to apologize I do start on these things but I am well easily distracted and so sometimes I will finish a totally diffrent project but I will get these done over time. I have like way more that I have started but haven't finished.

As you can sometimes see i add things or rearrange things on the site, that i think will make it more enjoyable. So if there is something that you believe needs to get done before something else use the contact us page

Thought For The Month

Be happy with the skills you have. I know sometimes gaming can be frustrating. I also know that there is no perfect gamer everyone has diffrent skills, while one player may be able to sit and do teh whole crafting thing for hours others can not. Others are natural PvP players while yet another will rock at PvE. It takes all kinds of players to play. You may not be the PvP type but you can have fun, as long as you dont take it to seriously.

So have fun and Play Your Way.

As Always

Play The Game Your Way


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