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The Tip of The Month

Rules to being a better player

Hello, I just want to say thank you again and lets begin.

I know what your thinking RULES? OMG not more rules. Well their rules to the game, and then their are rules to becoming the best player you can be.

Rule 6

Keeping it PG - What does this mean? It means keep what you say and what you do in the game to, what whould be seen in a PG movie. I know other player do not do this, but there is a time and a place for actions amd language and it does not belong in the game.

I would like to remind you that even though the game may have a rating of teen or mature, that children under the recommended age are not playing they do. Just as there are adults that play games desighned for children.

Why Keep It PG

  • Children do not to need to be listening to adult topics, heck some adults dont need to either.

  • If you keep it pg it allows for a more relaxed atmosphere in the game.

  • Who knows you find by doing this you gain a better rep. I know I have.

  • I relize this may be hard to do for some players, so instead of jumping from your R rated game style try for a pg-13 rateing or pg17 at first and then bring it down another notch.

    I'm Not saying that sometimes going beyond this is bad, but when your just out and about in the game dealing with the many player's out there that you dont know its best to follow this rule.

    Thank you again =)

    Rule 7 coming next month

    Your friends from

    Hope to see you soon

    As Always
    Play the Game Your Way


    This months feature is on Game Karma. What is Game Karma? It is the unknown force that can push your luck to either good or bad. It can take your from a losing battle to a winning one, or vice versa. Some call it luck, others don't believe in it, and then there are those who are oblivious to it. No matter what there is something that turns the tide at the most craziest of times.
    I believe that game karma is gained while playing games, you gain either good or bad karma depending on what you do in the game.
    Gaining Good Karma
    Good karma comes from doing nice things, helping others without asking for anything in return what this does is start storing your karma for times when you need it. Ever notice that guy who seems to get all the good drops? His karma is on overload. Not everyone gains good karma this way but it is one way.
    Another way is to be grouped and defeat other players through skill, even if you lose you will gain karma.

    Gaining Bad Karma

    Just as you gain good karma you can gain Bad Karma, this is by being nasty, Some players actually gain some benefits from this but in the long run they will not luck out as often.
    Ok you can also gain this bad karma from cheating in fights or griefing players.

    Tips On Karma

    1.Never Cheat - This is the fastest way to lose any good karma you might have.
    2.Be Helpful - Even if its just to your guildmates.
    3.Be Respectful - That is to everyone always be as nice as possible.

    There are more but use common sense and you will have plenty of Good karma. One last thing there has to be a balance to the karma so at times all your karma will go neutral for a while during this time your skills will have to be what you rely on.

    The Review

    This weeks review is on The site Big Fish Games I found this site and could not be happier. This site is on casual games great for when you just don't want to play on the massive games.

    The games here can be demoed in a couple ways and if you like the game well enough you can purchase it. One of the unique things about this site is the demos are a hour long but don't need to be played continuously. If you have to take off 10 min into your demo you can come back 3 days later and finish the last 50 min.

    Signing up is free, They do have a club membership you can join with a monthly fee if you do this the games become even cheaper if you decide to purchase them. I Highly suggest you check out the site. Just demo some of the games and have fun. mbfgads_468x60


    I will go out and talk to people about games sometimes through a game or sometimes just a random person off the street, maybe one day i can interview a person involved in creating the games we play.

    This months interview is with Supa. One of the craziest funny players I have ever had the pleasure of playing with.

    Newest Pages that have been put up

    Online games your way is always trying to bring more content and so just in case you missed a few pages here they are:

    Guild Wars Tips - There are several pages here that were put up that are in this one

    Free Online Flash Games - Play free flash games here. Ok so this one isn't really new, but it has been changed a bit and there are several new pages you can get to from here, all types of new flash games.

    Casual Games - This is about casual games and guess what a few pages in this one are new to.

    There were more but I don't want to spoil the discovery of those pages, And some pages were updated.

    Whats Next

    More Mission pages for the Town missions in Guild Wars, with maps and tips. These will be added to the Guild Wars Tips page. Along with the GW Q&A page.

    Casual Game reviews.

    Some kid friendly online games, found another one so finishing up on it. So you will be seeing this page soon.

    As you can sometimes see I add things or rearrange things on the site, that I think will make it more enjoyable. So if there is something that you believe needs to get done before something else use the contact us page

    Thought For The Month

    Having Good Karma Is like like having a self rez, it can bring you back from total defeat.

    So have fun and Play Your Way.

    As Always

    Play The Game Your Way


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