Are You Playing Online Games? or Are They Playing You?

QUICK NOTE!!! If you are looking For Online Games Your Way You have found it We are trying out several new looks and this is the 2nd one Please take note When we have gone through all the new looks you will have a chance to help me decide which one you liked best. Some of the looks may be subtle, Others may be Drastic.

There are many online games, and many types of online gamers. So the question is which type of the games are for you?

Are you a massive multiplayer game player, playing games like World of War Craft? or maybe more of a friendly game of Starcraft, against a buddy. No matter which games you choose or if you are not sure yet, there is one out there for you.

Are you a power gamer? Casual player? Not sure? That is OK, players take many forms not just the two stated above. I myself fall in-between a power gamer and casual player.

Everyone has there own style for playing games. Why conform to the same old game build everyone else is using. I don't! Why should you.

How about the rig? The gamer computer is very important, it is what allows us players to play our games. Is yours the perfect game machine? Does it need to be? So how do we go about choosing this vital part of the gaming experience. Laptop? Desk top? Build it your self? Buy it?

Wow there are a lot of questions, and all these will be answered. To play the game, you are going to need a computer that is for sure.

Online games are supposed to be fun, but after a while, these games can become a little boring. They are sometimes frustrating, but one thing is always for sure.....

They are always Interesting.

So what will you find here? Tips on how to design your character for better playing, making armor so it fits the way you play. Have you ever wondered what makes one gamer slightly better than another? The secrets are here.

While we will try to cover multiple games, our main concern is Free to play and Subscription free games. Month to Month Games are just to expensive to cover.

One last thing you should be aware of I don't candy coat stuff, if something is bad I will say so. So any reviews you see will be straight forward. I will give the facts, my opinion both good and bad.

So lets go Play...

As Always

Play The Game Your way


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Right now most of the guides are made for Guild Wars players, We do have a Wow Account safety guide for World of Warcraft Players.

We plan on making more guides for other games as time permits.

How to subscribe its easy, there is a Subscribe box on this page says FREE EBOOK by OGRichie, just fill in the info and off you go

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